kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.iterable / IterableEnvelope


abstract class IterableEnvelope<out T : Any> : Iterable<T>

Iterable envelope.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


T - Type of item

Since 0.4


Name Summary
<init> IterableEnvelope(iterable: Iterable<T>)
IterableEnvelope(iterable: Scalar<Iterable<T>>)IterableEnvelope(iterable: KScalar<Iterable<T>>)
Iterable envelope.


Name Summary
iterator open fun iterator(): Iterator<T>


Name Summary
Cycled class Cycled<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Cycled Iterable.
Endless class Endless<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Endless iterable.
Filtered class Filtered<out X : Any> : IterableEnvelope<X>
Filtered iterable.
HeadOf class HeadOf<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Head portion of the iterable.
IterableOf class IterableOf<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Array as iterable.
IterableOfBooleans class IterableOfBooleans : IterableEnvelope<Boolean>
Iterable of boolean values.
IterableOfBytes class IterableOfBytes : IterableEnvelope<Byte>
Iterable of bytes.
IterableOfChars class IterableOfChars : IterableEnvelope<Char>
Iterable of characters.
IterableOfDoubles class IterableOfDoubles : IterableEnvelope<Double>
Iterable of double values.
IterableOfFloats class IterableOfFloats : IterableEnvelope<Float>
Iterable of float values.
IterableOfInts class IterableOfInts : IterableEnvelope<Int>
Iterable of integer values.
IterableOfLongs class IterableOfLongs : IterableEnvelope<Long>
Iterable of long values.
IterableOfShorts class IterableOfShorts : IterableEnvelope<Short>
Iterable of short values.
Joined class Joined<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
A few Iterables joined together.
Mapped class Mapped<out X : Any, out Y : Any> : IterableEnvelope<Y>
Mapped iterable.
Partitioned class Partitioned<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<List<T>>
Iterable implementation for partitioning functionality.
RangeOf class RangeOf<T : Comparable<T>> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Iterable implementation to model range functionality.
Repeated class Repeated<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Repeat an element.
Reversed class Reversed<out X : Any> : IterableEnvelope<X>
Reverse iterable.
Shuffled class Shuffled<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Shuffled iterable.
Skipped class Skipped<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Skipped iterable.
SolidIterable class SolidIterable<out X : Any> : IterableEnvelope<X>
An Iterable that is both synchronized and sticky.
Sorted class Sorted<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Sorted iterable.
StickyIterable class StickyIterable<out X : Any> : IterableEnvelope<X>
Iterable that returns the same set of elements, always.
TailOf class TailOf<out T : Any> : IterableEnvelope<T>
Tail portion of the iterable.