kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.iterator

Package nnl.rocks.kactoos.iterator



Name Summary
Cycled class Cycled<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Cycled Iterator.
EmptyIterator class EmptyIterator<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Iterator that has no elements.
Endless class Endless<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Iterator that never ends.
Filtered class Filtered<out X : Any> : Iterator<X>
Filtered iterator.
HeadOf class HeadOf<out T> : Iterator<T>
Head portion of the iterator.
Immutable class Immutable<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Iterator that doesn’t allow removal of elements.
IteratorOf class IteratorOf<out X : Any> : Iterator<X>
Iterator over variable number of elements.
IteratorOfBooleans class IteratorOfBooleans : Iterator<Boolean>
Iterator over Booleans.
IteratorOfBytes class IteratorOfBytes : Iterator<Byte>
Iterator over Bytes.
IteratorOfChars class IteratorOfChars : Iterator<Char>
Iterator over Chars.
IteratorOfDoubles class IteratorOfDoubles : Iterator<Double>
Iterator over Doubles.
IteratorOfFloats class IteratorOfFloats : Iterator<Float>
Iterator over Floats.
IteratorOfInts class IteratorOfInts : Iterator<Int>
Iterator over Ints.
IteratorOfLongs class IteratorOfLongs : Iterator<Long>
Iterator over Longs.
IteratorOfShorts class IteratorOfShorts : Iterator<Short>
Iterator over Shorts.
Joined class Joined<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
A few Iterators joined together.
LengthOf class LengthOf : NumberEnvelope
Length of iterator.
Mapped class Mapped<out X : Any, out Y : Any> : Iterator<Y>
Mapped iterator.
Partitioned class Partitioned<out T : Any> : Iterator<List<T>>
Iterator implementation for Iterator partitioning.
RangeOf class RangeOf<T : Comparable<T>> : Iterator<T>
Iterator implementation to model range functionality.
Repeated class Repeated<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Repeat an element.
Shuffled class Shuffled<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Shuffled iterator.
Skipped class Skipped<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Skipped iterator.
Sorted class Sorted<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Sorted iterator.
SyncIterator class SyncIterator<out T> : Iterator<T>
Synchronized Iterator.
TailOf class TailOf<out T : Any> : Iterator<T>
Tail portion of the iterator.