kactoos-jvm / nnl.rocks.kactoos.scalar / NumberEnvelope


abstract class NumberEnvelope : Scalar<Double>

Envelope for the Number.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


value - Double scalar

Since 0.4


Name Summary
<init> NumberEnvelope(value: Scalar<Double>)NumberEnvelope(value: KScalar<Double>)
Envelope for the Number.


Name Summary
invoke open fun invoke(): Double
Get value of this Scalar
toByte fun toByte(): Byte
toChar fun toChar(): Char
toDouble fun toDouble(): Double
toFloat fun toFloat(): Float
toInt fun toInt(): Int
toLong fun toLong(): Long
toShort fun toShort(): Short


Name Summary
AvgOf class AvgOf : NumberEnvelope
Average of numbers.
LengthOf class LengthOf : NumberEnvelope
Length of iterable.
LengthOf class LengthOf : NumberEnvelope
Length of iterator.
LengthOf class LengthOf : NumberEnvelope
Length of Input.
MaxOf class MaxOf : NumberEnvelope
Find the greatest value among numbers.
MinOf class MinOf : NumberEnvelope
Find the smallest value among numbers.
NumberOf class NumberOf : NumberEnvelope, Scalar<Double>
Text as Double.
SumOf class SumOf : NumberEnvelope
Represents total sum of given numbers.