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class ListOf<T : Any> : ListEnvelope<T>

Iterable as List.

This class should be used very carefully. You must understand that it will fetch the entire content of the encapsulated List on each method call. It doesn’t cache the data anyhow. If you don’t need this List to re-fresh its content on every call, by doing round-trips to the encapsulated iterable, decorate it with StickyList.

There is no thread-safety guarantee.


T - List type

Since 0.1


Name Summary
<init> ListOf(src: Iterable<T>)
ListOf(vararg args: T)

Inherited Functions

Name Summary
iterator open fun iterator(): Iterator<T>
listIterator open fun listIterator(): ListIterator<T>
open fun listIterator(index: Int): ListIterator<T>